Many people take their air conditioners for granted after installation. They stop thinking about it until an issue occurs when they are forced to call a professional to repair it. They do not even think that the problem could have been prevented by a regular air conditioning service. However, you should be aware that seasonal maintenance of your AC unit will extend its lifespan, minimise your energy costs, ensure your unit’s optimal efficiency, keep its warranty in effect and help you avoid small problems that can seriously damage your system if not repaired on time. Let’s discuss each aspect that is directly affected by a regular air conditioning service.

Without an annual, preventive ac service, your unit’s energy efficiency is decreased by 5% each year, meaning that you spend more money on energy costs yearly than you would spend on a regular air con service before the summer starts. Moreover, by identifying and fixing smaller problems, technicians will prevent bigger issues, ensuring you have a better unit that will operate longer.

The better state your AC unit is in, the better its performance will be. You remember the time when your air conditioner was brand new. You probably agree that it performed much better than your old AC and that you spend much less money on its running. A new AC system as well as a well maintained one keeps operating properly without having to work too hard to force cold air out which significantly saves you electricity as well as it lowers your utility bill.

And, your lowered utility bill is simply a result of your unit’s increased efficiency. The less obstacles your AC has when running, the better its performance is when it comes to energy consumption. When smaller issues are solved, your AC can easily be at its optimal performance, enhancing energy efficiency and minimising your energy costs while cooling down your home. And this can easily be resolved by a regular air conditioning service.

For keeping your AC warranty in effect, many manufacturing companies require a preventive ac service to be performed each year. Even if your unit is in perfect condition, not having a regular ac service will void its warranty. So, in case of an issue, you will need to pay for the repair instead of having it covered.

Also, during a seasonal air con service small problems can be identified and quickly and easily solved without costing too much money. Not having them repaired on time can turn them into much bigger issues that require very expensive repairs or even complete replacements.

So, having a regular air con service can only help you, so do not ignore it.