Single Split vs Multi Split Air Conditioners

Need to install a new air con in Sydney but not sure which type to go for?

If you have done some research, you have probably found different types, from ducted systems, packaged air conditioners to single split and multi split units.  However, it is very important to know which one would offer the perfect cooling solution for your property. To help you make the right decision, we will provide you with some major differences between single and multi split systems through advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Both single and multi split units consist of outdoor and indoor devices. The outdoor device includes the condenser and compressor and it is usually located outside your properties. The indoor device consists of the evaporator and, in most cases, furnace. These two parts are linked by a refrigerant line.

A single split air conditioner has only one indoor unit connected with the outdoor compressor. Multi split ACs contain several indoor devices linked to the outdoor one. Therefore, there are higher initial costs involved when it comes to multi split systems as there are more units required as well as longer and more complex pipelines. However, if you need an air con in Sydney for more than one location in your property, a multi split system installation is more economical than the installation of several outdoor units in the case of single split ACs. Moreover, in the long run, only one outdoor unit can power up to four different indoor units simultaneously, while it remains at its optimal energy efficiency while running only one indoor unit. Each indoor unit can be run and controlled separately. 

And, while single split units are the right choice for spot cooling, multi split ones offer the perfect solution for entire buildings when there is no enough space for ducted systems or with restricted outdoor space.  You must agree that is also more aesthetically pleasing to have only outdoor unit instead of several needed for single units installed for each room.
On the other hand, if your multi split air con in Sydney fails, you will lose cooling control in your entire property. Breakdowns of single split ones will affect air conditioning only in single rooms.